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#1 Mar 31, 2021 10:30 am


Mr In Between

prologue : lo
Yesterday was the first day that the temperature reached 18C or over 60F for the year. The sun was bright , not a cloud in the sky  , one could see forever .
Sitting outside , was the place to be , then something that I read earlier  appeared  ,  'in between' Now the sensitivity of  the subject caused me to write the below ,,,,,no hard feelings. .LO.

Mr In Between.
Is it twilight or is it Sunrise
Is it evening Dusk or starlight
An ocean breeze or 'Ivan' sweeping.

Or is it just  an overcast morning
Where one sees through the haze
At  the blurred brightening of the sun

Or Just in-between
is like a sandwich
Ham , cheese  or tuna          .......     to be ?
Mr In between.

far from complete  but  ... a start.
Mr in between

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