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#1 Apr 03, 2021 8:57 pm


The Disinformation Dozen

Now there's funny.

I just get off of telling RD that I have no dealings with propagander as per the link houston provided.

And there in my in box is a link to a reaction to a propagander move by provaxxers in the UK (Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)), who have started a conspiracy theory thread naming an aparent Disinformation Dozen wh need to be silenced by any means possible.

So what happens... A counter attack, so now instead  of us Cumbyah types hugging trees and bemoning the rape of the seas, we are being galvenised to counter disinformation.

The funny thing is, if the tree huggers claims were so far off it wouldn't matter, there would be no need for pro vaxxers to get all exited, as the truth would out..... assuming the pro vaxxers were right. But is seems to me and seemingly millions of others that the pro vaxx lobby is lacking in honesty, and clarity. The vaccine companies made a promise that they would be transparent about their research and findings. They up until now have not.  They have been extreemly selective in what they ralease, they have concocted sentences designed to fool in their media coverage. They were extremely selective in the candidates used and even thousands of those didn't meet the criteria necessary to compile their stats, so they were left out of the studys.

Even now they want to negate the trials because it would be "unethical to not vaccinate the placebo group".So therfore the trials will have absolutely no ability to cross check in the long term.

It is a crazy World where for good reasons or bad, no dissent, or alternative thought process is permitted.  It truly makes a mockery out of science which is based on competing theories.


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