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#1 Apr 22, 2021 11:58 am


McDonald's Breakfast and Covid 19.

We're here to serve you .   ....   they say .

' This  covid 19 Lock down is torture   .. no dropping into McDonald's for a  QUICK  fast-food breakfast.... Horrible '.  smh.   ....  I miss

    NO   .... Chicken McMuffin - Egg McMuffin
    NO   ....Sausage McMuffin - Bacon and Eggs McMuffin ,    no Coffee.
So sad , no morning fuel. lo.

McDonalds  AD reply:
*** We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable about stopping by for the favorites you love .
*** We remain at your service , 'take out curbside , Drive thru  or front counter . 5 only please .

"May May , look girl  ,   I want some real breakfast this morning  .Fish cakes , an egg , bakes , even some ackee + saltfish would do. "

" OK dear , it's about time you learn how to turn on a stove. Don't you think. ? "

" May May , Honey     , be nice . 



#2 Apr 22, 2021 12:11 pm


Re: McDonald's Breakfast and Covid 19.

So you hand pucker? How about you turning on the stove?

Growing up in Grenada was ah true blessing. Me grand muma never thought us how to cook, cause we were boys, but she taught the girls.  Boys from the hood learn how to cook on we own.  We was always cooking, on the beach, by the river, around ah juper in the mountains.  That is how we all learn how to cook.

Now ah cook six days ah week in me house.


#3 Apr 22, 2021 12:23 pm


Re: McDonald's Breakfast and Covid 19.

" I've got this friend .  About 5 / 6 years ago , he told his wife  " Sunday Dinner is mine . I'll be the chef "
'Sad to say he is now like you , everyday of the week.
' Give May May  break , she wants the whole hog. "
* Men , wake up *
" I know  we are better cooks   but  pleaaaaase.

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#4 Apr 22, 2021 4:48 pm


Re: McDonald's Breakfast and Covid 19.

Not sure if we are the better cooks.  My wife is ah much better cook.  She measures everything, and play by the book, not me.  If ah make something today and it taste good, no guarantee if ah make it next week, it will taste the same.

Plus my name is not New Historian, who can go and lime on a beach everyday, with dog and computer.  I must fine something to do.

Expat what is the name of that beach in Calivigny?  They serve breakfast down dey.  This is what I call heaven on earth.  The beach itself ent to great, but the view is simple amazing.  Plus ah tink there is some kinda boat in the water, you can eat on.

Expat not the one in the bottom, but the one in the top junction.


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