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#11 Apr 22, 2017 4:48 pm


Re: The Beginning and the End of the Universe

Expat, it's not about hope:

It's about being realistic.

In my understanding, if we continue like this, realistically, there is only one outcome: total annihilation.

Also, in my understanding, we came for something else. And I do believe that we have a meeting with Life ahead of us.

There are people who truly do care and experience universal unconditional love as their daily reality and way of living. They may be for now in the minority. But it means that it is achievable for all. And that, maybe, there is no other option if we want Life to make any sense at all.

Whoever wanted us to believe that predation is the rule of life and thus that we are condemned to being predators seems to have done a good job smile

Ways, customs, behaviours may have lasted for however long may be: it does not mean that this is the only way, nor even OK, nor that we are doomed at repeating horror day after day.

Precisely, with the ever increasing horror going on, it may go - on purpose? - as far as until we are feeling urged to question what we have not dared to question until now - as much within ourselves as outside.

I maintain that the greatest of all utopias is to believe that we are made to be predators, and that life would be lasting much longer if we do not totally transform ourselves.

After all, a caterpillar does not know itself as a butterfly until it is one!

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#12 Apr 23, 2017 9:07 pm


Re: The Beginning and the End of the Universe

Vanni, just look in the mirror.... open your mouth and look at your teeth.

They are the teeth of an omnivore. You have evolved to eat meat and vegetables. Your intestines are designed to eat a varied diet. You are what you are.

Were you supposed to be a vegetarian you have teeth like a cow or Elephant, and a couple of ruminant stomachs.

We have evolved into what we are meant to be. So we hunt, or manage our meat and grain. No smiley Buddha figure is going to change that.

And yes Annihilation is probably close to hand. One of the reasons we shall never meet up with those travellers from light years away is they will probably ceased to exist for similar reasons we will.

As for travelling at the speed of light and making it a quick hop across the Galaxies... dream on.

They are accelerating Lead atoms under your feet at Lucerne, and cannot get up to the speed needed. They would need accelerators with the same orbit size of Jupiter to achieve the speeds needed to collide the atoms at speeds high enough to go back to the start of the big bang.


#13 Apr 24, 2017 4:37 am


Re: The Beginning and the End of the Universe

Expat, many are being taught and used to searching in others the support for their own beliefs. Only personal experience transforms belief into knowledge. A knowledge which no differing point of view or authority can destroy.

Not everyone agrees with whether we are made to be omnivores or vegetarians. It seems that the confirmation for vegetarianism in humans is our long intestines. And by the way, pandas were initially carnivorous.

There is much we have gobbled up blindly, not doing our own exploration. And maybe, simply because it was convenient.

I had no choice but to explore - also because that's how I am - and thanks heaven for having let myself be less impressed by the "experts" and more by my inner guidance: vegetarianism has actually saved my life and is keeping me at my best.

So allow me to disagree with you: there is no evidence nor need for predation - it's just been what we've seen and been used to since our birth, and understood as Earth's conditions of living, so we think it is inevitable or normal. What if it were not the absolute and ultimate way of Life? We are quite ignorant about that, stuck into our little world and vision of it. And maybe so because it's convenient for some of us smile

There are many, ever more vegetarians. And they are thriving. Most of them are in better health than meat eating humans. So what's the weight of the scientists' argument about us being omnivores when facing experience and reality which contradicts their theoretic knowledge?

Science is so fickle. It changes so often!

And why couldn't Life - in this case our Earthly life - evolve into peaceful and loving interaction among all Its living Beings? Into its and our true, divine nature, anyway.

Just because we cannot figure out from where we are? Our ignorance would not ever manage it to change the eternal, divine reality of Life. Conditions of Life on one planet, however ancient, does not mean that this is the ultimate, universal state of Life.

Once we understand our true nature, we have no problem figuring out. And once we manifest it, it becomes reality.

What is this earthly life about, at all? I am understanding it as some specific conditions challenging us to recognise and honour our and another's true nature. To remain radiant regardless. To offer our highest quality - unconditional love - in response regardless. To be our highest, radiant Self in action.

Once we have revealed as individuals as well as a group our true nature - as the loving and radiant ones we are - the cruel conditions of this life are no more necessary, and Life can transmute, together with us, into its higher manifestation, ever more purely and intensely manifesting its divine Nature, with some new experiences and opportunities for all Life inhabiting it.

I know that to you Expat, "divine Nature" sounds very unappetising, if not delusional. But it's the only set of words, which I am using in a non religious way, faithful to my own inclination, which I can find for now, to describe what I recognise as the ultimate Reality.

What I speak about here of life and our transformation is about something I know. But I cannot convey to you what you do not know by yourself. Or it would become belief. And we want knowledge. I do not believe in believing wink and I support those who explore and get to know by themselves.

I have so much more to get to know, too. But what I know for now, no argument, however scientific, religious or other it may be, could make me doubt. Haven't you noticed how science changes over time? Do you think that what is considered as truth now is going to remain it forever? Is it possible for some of us to have gone just a little bit beyond the present day's "truth"? Or sometimes lies to keep us under control and exploit us!

Talking of traveling faster than light, I saw torsion field mentioned ... but whatever name or theory, remember that centuries ago, the very speed of light was not even known. And would have been rejected.

There's a little detail about some technologies like beyond-light-speed, which may be the key. Let me speak of increase in frequency.

There are things which we can only know. Believing alone does not do it. It may not be your own knowledge and perception. As for me, what I talked about here: I know.

Predation is going to stop existing on this planet. This: I know. Peace, trust, love, health, abundance for all, and so much more, will be the usual. Many things are in the process of changing to such an extent, as some will start looking at those they call utopians and naive in a different way smile

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#14 Apr 24, 2017 11:00 am


Re: The Beginning and the End of the Universe

By the way, predation is not just about eating each other's flesh. It's about a mentality, where trust is being regarded as an opportunity to exploit, not something to honour. Where weakness is being created in order to abuse.

In such a context, it takes courage, not delusion nor naivety to dare a different vision.

And it takes a different vision to generate a change.


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