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#1 May 07, 2021 12:52 pm


Slice I have one for you.

.....   AND others.   ......   " Expand the  Mind "

' You have to  GO  to 'You Tube'  for this video . 

LISTEN TO this  BLACK  guy   , and understand why white people 'fear' black people.  Sad !
Don't they know we are the innovators of the human race. "No need to fear , we  are God fearing , and understand unfairness cannot stand .
(((( thought i'll give some positive news today.  )))   'HOPE'.

Anyhow enough with the small talk   ,  LISTEN  to   (The VIEW  Yesterday 6 may 2021 )

title of video

** Why Emmanuel Acho wrote :::  * Uncomfortable conversations with a black boy *

enjoy the day people. lo.


#2 May 08, 2021 9:02 am


Re: Slice I have one for you.

Yea even me scared of some black folks. If ah walking and see them coming on my side of the street ah switching sides.


#3 May 08, 2021 10:26 am


Re: Slice I have one for you.

" Slice   NH could swim  or he should  be able to  and seems to have a  boat , rickety  , but what the heck , lol.
'Anyhow  he is sometimes  far out to sea   ... but with a boat  .
But You  ... amazing .... *far out to sea* , without a boat and can't swim .
" Dah does NOT  make  sense to me ."
hElP ! lol.

'Please Call Expat and tell him i would like a word with him .  Thank you .'

........... Expat  I want to speak to you ?

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