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#1 May 28, 2021 11:09 am


De Lizard

' Waking up this morning  , putting the garbage out , garbage day people ' . Some  song  ,   tried through non vocal humming,  to 'come back to me ' , research ahh found the disrupter. lo.


Playing in class
With a lizard in a glass
And now run by the teacher foot
The lizard got away from Ruth
Oh Lord ! The children frighten
Wonder what go happen  ???

***** but the teacher laughing ou , hehehe
only watching everybody.

Hey ! the lizard ran up she foot and it disappear.. lo
.. Everybody searching everywhere
" Where the Lizard , teacher Mildred ???????

" The way she Jolly and happy I sure the lizard must be tickling she "

--- " Outside and play ! "
" That is call de teacher say."                         .......... ja. lol.smh.


What's up Recs ......... Calypsoman.


#2 May 29, 2021 11:58 am


Re: De Lizard

I hope all recognized that 'de lizard'  is one of  Calypso's  Genius storytellers  ..  The Mighty Sparrow's early calypso . 1960s.....

Like :
.... So when you bounce up Jean and Dinah
Rosita and Clementina , round the corner posing
bet your life is something they selling
and if you catch them
you can get them , all for nothing
Don't make no row , the Yankees gone
Sparrow take over now

**** Top Ten Sparrow's Smuttiest Lyrics   by U Tube . lo.
Big Bamboo
Salt fish
Pussy fraid water
Mr Benwood  Dick
Pussy quarrelling
Sell de pussy
De lizard
Afraid pussy bite me
love African style
Water the garden ..... 60million Frenchmen can't be wrong. etc,etc lo.

Mae Mae  is an early one also     ( haha on me . lol ) youngster . lo.

Mae Mae
Making love one day
With a girl they calling mae ,mae
Ah pick up  mae  mae  by the railway
And we take a Taxi straight to Claxton Bay
Before we lay down on the carpet
She start catching a fit .

Darling don't bite me
Don't bite me honey
I never had a man ... to ever do that to me ......
ah hi ai  .....

(( The Mighty Sparrow ...... a man  before his time . LO  ))

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