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#1 Jun 07, 2021 1:32 pm


A Used Car

Up North   cars are like fast-food . A hot dog , hamburger  you can throw in some fries if you wish.
End of Winter/Spring , people sell their wheels for something new and others search for a good used car , sometimes you get some spectacular deals.

I have been doing the looking.  A good run-around . On the cheap side. Like old times. lo.

  .... One of my North experiences  is driving lots of different cars cheaply . It started as a student $200 bucks , I think May-May put up half , we had to go to some house parties and thing , and   chicks like  wheels .
Buying cheap  10-15 year old  good cars was a  good exercise to land a good one . I was an expert.
Marriage changed that , Brand New wheels   Right off the showroom  floor .... never did it again.
The length of Covid  19 is causing the looking for a runaround  again Up North  for the summer .    I am searching. !


#2 Jun 08, 2021 10:47 am


Re: A Used Car

Me ent paying one penny for any vehicle that is 10 or 15 years ole you mad ah what? Ah PADNAh ah mind bring ah car from Canada to Grenada.  He say he pay $500.00 good deal he say.  Well the damn thing ent start, sine he have it for the last two years.  He is ah mechanic, he thought he was getting ah good deal, my ARSE.

BTW Dance who man marry you?


#3 Jun 08, 2021 9:49 pm

New Historian

Re: A Used Car

Worst used car I ever bought was in Jamaica in the bad old seventies. Within a week of buying that goddamned Fiat 124 Special, I asked myself: why did I buy this piece of shit? I had actually been trying to buy a VW Beetle 1302S, but had lost out to another buyer, and with the bank loan burning a hole in my pocket I bought the Fiat on the rebound. The damned thing then repaid my jilted heart by becoming the most cantankerous car in all of creation. My mechanic called it a thoroughbred. I called it a lemon.

For the privilege of keeping this thoroughbred lemon perpetually broken down in my yard, I had the pleasure of paying off the loan every month, money which I could ill afford. I had to sell the damned thing - but how? It wouldn’t stay fixed long enough to convince some unsuspecting mug that it was anything other than what it was: a lemon. Typical sales routine: “Wow, I can’t believe it won’t start, it always starts! Never mind, help me push it down the driveway, you’ll love the exhaust! Hey, come back!”


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