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#11 Jun 10, 2021 9:14 am


Re: GOD ::::::: beyond Human Understanding.

New Historian wrote:

Which woman like a bruk-pocket man? That's what they do, go after the strong men, who also happen to be rich! It's called survival of the species.

.....Seems NH got burned  sometime. lol .  More than once NH ?

Maybe he is still  strong  ...  but poor.      .....   very sad . lol



#12 Jun 24, 2021 8:48 am


Re: GOD ::::::: beyond Human Understanding.

Dancer wrote:

GOD ..... says.

>  For   MY  thoughts  are not  YOUR  thoughts ; nor are your ways my ways. <<

>  Behold  God is exalted , and we do not know him . The number of his years is unsearchable. <

> For who  among men knows the thoughts of a man  Except the spirit of the man  , which is in him ?
Even so the thoughts of God , no one knows , except the spirit of the Lord. <<

Altar Boy ?  Catholic Church , some bad history.  Continuing  ...  Made me think Henry V111 . lol.

Hiii big_smile

Because God is not of the area of "understanding" but of something much wider, where the heart is involved, among others, and obviously what we call spirit, which is the source of each of us, or we simply couldn't exist at all.


This is also why ... MRNA vaccines, in my humble opinion, should not be ... the mere "understanding" approach, from people who consider themselves as "God fearing" - slight misunderstanding? - could end up costing our humanity very, very dearly.


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