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#1 Sep 16, 2021 9:41 am


U.S. Democracy ....... barely. VP Pence / VP Quayle

....   Hope people keeping abreast of the REAL news.

Rolling Stone ::: > Pence had to ask * Dan Quayle *  if US democracy should continue .

Pence sought way to hand election to Trump.

Adventure of Mike Pence ... to coup or not to coup ? (all headlines from major papers )

.................. Are you feeling safer in the world today . ?   'LAWD !

Not Me.

BLM , Covid , CRT , repressing votes   ....all small potatoes if Trump had succeeded.

The man from IOWA is traumatized .... who can blame him ?


#2 Sep 17, 2021 12:52 pm


Re: U.S. Democracy ....... barely. VP Pence / VP Quayle

STOP ABORTION ...... COLD    says Texas    ( MSN  )

The legal architect  of Texas new Abortion ban  brief to the Supreme Court  argued , wanting to overturn  Roe / Wade  (women right to abortion )

...SAYING  IT   :; Would compel women to practice abstinence as a way to control their reproductive lives.

>>  Thought I would mention that  for the many women , that can 't get a voice  , because of the 'tea party' 
Freedom eh ?


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