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#1 Oct 07, 2021 10:28 pm


The 1st time ever I ( ever I saw your face )

Fooling around on  U Tube
I happened upon (Roberta Flack 1969 .. ..the first time ever I saw your face ..
' So i listened  , again after such a long while ' .... . ' just boss'

Then I met Miley Cyrus ... on u tube today ,  She  did it about 4 years ago ,  at her Malibu studio they say.
The second half of her 'the first time ever i saw her face '  ...... is boss too.

>> The first time ever I saw your Face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes .    .....lord !
And the sun and moon  were the gifts you gave the dark and endless skies.

....what a face. Lo.


#2 Oct 08, 2021 10:32 am


Re: The 1st time ever I ( ever I saw your face )

Doh know what to do with you.  Why can't you engage us in Jamaica life.  Tell us about $245.00 for four red grapes in Jamaica?  Ah mean the smallest of the small Red Grapes.  In America I wont even buy these little things, yet in Jamaica it is $245.  I guess talking about Hollywood  is a distraction for you.


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