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#1 Mar 01, 2022 10:15 am


Wide Sargasso Sea ...... and the sea.

WSS . Early retirement , pension , lump sum , cash on hand.
A name change , pointing to intentions.
Cruising :  what is it going to be  -----
Wonder of the sea
Allure of the sea
Oasis of the sea.
' I hope she does not ask New Historian for any advice about sailing on the  big boats ? '
Not a good idea. lol.


#2 Mar 01, 2022 8:01 pm

Wide Sargasso Sea

Re: Wide Sargasso Sea ...... and the sea.

I would not mind going sailing with NH being the captain because he has nautical skills and could learn from him. But then again, he'd just push me over and that would be the full stop of my life!

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#3 Mar 02, 2022 9:30 am


Re: Wide Sargasso Sea ...... and the sea.

Leh me put it this way, I am ah very small person and NH is than me.  Honestly, he is a very nice and respected person.  NH, me PADNAH call me yesterday, he wants to know if ah will be in Grenada for cricket.  He go call you soon.


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