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#1 Mar 24, 2022 6:59 pm

Wide Sargasso Sea

Council Flats and Peter Rachman's Apartments

Why leave the warm sunshine of the islands for this piece of shit? Council flats in London look like the equivalent to NYC Housing Project. They are low income and filthy. I think what's worst is that when you are poor, people do not think you are human at all. Look at the blasted mess! A second-generation immigrant family living that way, without betterment is pitiful.  I would rather someone send me back to yard.

NH, do you remember a notorious slum lord of a figure in the '60s called Peter Rachman?  He used to rent West-Indian immigrants' cubicles, and when they couldn't pay, he'd throw out their things on the sidewalk. I have never struggled to that degree on the island of Jamaica.

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#2 Mar 25, 2022 4:14 pm


Re: Council Flats and Peter Rachman's Apartments

WSS, so why are they living like that? Can't they find work and rent a better place?  There is a back story, I would like to know.  I almost defiantly would take me Black Arse back home if I have to live like that.

Then again that is not living.


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