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#11 May 10, 2022 8:30 am


Re: Rite of passage: my first drunk

Wide Sargasso Sea wrote:

I live an intellectual life: the Spanish language cinema, concerts, lectures, foreign movies, art museums and travel abroad every other year. I was unlucky in love, but it serves as a plus--not a minus. It gives me the freedom to do what I damned choose to do. Like you, I love to write, and I love the sea.  BUT I AM NO LIAR LIKE YOU1

So why are you bragging?  I do not trust folks who Braggs.  I take that to mean you ah wanna be.

WSS if you doh know, leh me explain something to you, you realize there are actually Millionaires on this little site, and they never ever boast.

Ah wonder what NH did to you, that you never liked him.  Those are words of a very nasty soul.  Honestly I just can't hate, the way you do.  I do not wish evil on my worst enemy.

WSS there are a few folks on here who actually enjoys NH stories

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