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#1 Jun 10, 2022 10:33 am


Dept , Coups and Colonialism In Haiti : May 24 2022

FRANCE and US  urged to pay.

Who has been paying attention to the Summit of the Americas .  ......   *some news.

A squandered  opportunity at a critical time . US Pres. Biden decision to exclude the Pres of 3 countries  has overshadowed the summit agenda.
A fiasco , a flop , a disappointment .  These are   just some of the ways the political analysts  ,  Latin and Caribbean Leaders are describing the summit. 
NOT  .. as an  time to get Latin America  back on track , but a returning to the old policy excluding  Cuba , Nicaragua and Venezuela.


Back to Haiti  ......  Because of the summit  , Haiti has been in the News.
'Democracy Now ' has aired some good TV recently.
New York times  :  Did  some research , going to France  and getting the real deal about Haiti , Us , France , and the West,   ... strangling  of Haiti.
Wall street too.NH ?
A good one:
Debt , Coups and Colonialism in Haiti : France and US urged to pay.

>> We welcome you both to Democracy Now ::   
Prof  ALcenat  , lets begin with you. 
"  So this series has come out in the New York Times  , To both ....


#2 Jun 11, 2022 7:01 am


Re: Dept , Coups and Colonialism In Haiti : May 24 2022

You know, any country that is ruled by dictators, should not be allowed any voice anywhere.  Let people pick their leaders.  You made yourself the ruler then no voice and trading with you.


#3 Jun 11, 2022 10:43 am

Wide Sargasso Sea

Re: Dept , Coups and Colonialism In Haiti : May 24 2022

You see Dancer, sometimes I wish that black leaders were not transparent and were hard to read as the Chinese. Aristide was the best hope for Haiti and the Americans feared him. He demanded reparations from the French and many feared that this would cause a domino effect. As you can see, it has. His ideas were sensible, but he should have moved more slowly.


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