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#11 Jun 12, 2022 2:12 am

Wide Sargasso Sea

Re: Jamaica's Jim Brown

Thanks for the info.  But I still have my doubts. Perhaps you could clear them up.  Bob 'trusted' Claudie Massop because they were boyhood friends. Why did Claudie want to kill his friend? After the One Love concert, Jim Brown showed up with Bob's cut of the money from the ticket sales and Bob recognized him as a figure who was there on the night of his shooting. Trevor Phillips, an informant, introduced the men.  Later, in a clandestine meeting, which included another informant, Jim Brown revealed that he was the one who tried to kill Bob. He told a group of men that when he pulled out the gun Bob said to him," No shoot me. No shoot mi Sir!" How do you explain this?  Because the information is in a book written by Marlon James doesn't make it correct!  You lived it first handedly but there are still gaps in your information. I am not saying that I am correct, but I have my doubts. Mr. Keith Mitchell is a far better man that Manley and Seaga will ever be. They were a murderous lot!!

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