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#1 Jun 19, 2022 11:36 am

Wide Sargasso Sea

Poverty in the Caribbean (Jamaica)

It looks pretty bad. I don't know this kind of poverty even when I used to visit my grandparents in the country in the '70's. The house is a shack and will fall down after a bad hurricane (typical tropical natural disaster). What is Jamaica doing to help such people? I heard that the Jamaican government has over a billion in their allocation. Simple low-income housing should be constructed without the politicians asking for anything in return. The Chinese could help in this area but who really wants to help the poor when there is nothing to be gained?


#2 Jun 20, 2022 11:25 am


Re: Poverty in the Caribbean (Jamaica)

' Moral indignation  is justified. 'Speaking for the poor "   laudable .     

We want to see some boots on the ground.   WHERE are you  ?
"having a coffee " ...sad .

...... please go in spirit  with the  " POOR Peoples March On Washington ;   Happening NOW .
Juneteenth   DAY .


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