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#1 Jun 11, 2017 7:44 pm

Mt Rich Possi

I like when I am not invited to go to a wedding

You know back in the olden days when a friend don't invite you to his or her wedding you upset... You stuepeing, calling him all kinda a dirty names, saying how he ungrateful and you start cold shouldering him... Nowadays I like when a friend don't invite me to his or her wedding... Because you know what?  That is $200.00 that stay in my bank book or in pocket...

In this day and age you can't go to a wedding and give the bride and groom $50.00 as a presentation gift... That's a slap in the face...Because Wifey and I are well known in the city we get invited to lots of weddings.... Most times I make an excuse because I am so cheap I don't want to give some bastard my $200.00 only to find out that the marriage never worked out and my $200.00 went out the door.

Here are some of the excuses I make so I don't have to attend the wedding

(1) The cat piss on my suit and I didn't have time to take it to the cleaners..
(2) It's that time of the month for Wifey so we can't attend..
(3) My Mother-In-Law sprained her ankles while she was on her knees praying so we can't leave her alone.
(4) While I was going down in my basement I tripped on my dog and hurt my hands...
(5) My hemorrhoids hurting real bad to the point where I can't sit down to long...

Everytime I go to a wedding I always leave the wedding hungry like hell... For the $200.00 you paying as a presentation gift what you get to eat is a rip off.... I remember last year wifey and I attend a wedding all we had to eat was 2 half starve carrots, 20 grains a rice and piece of half cook chicken with the blood still in it..  The Salad was so old to the point where the lettuce look all wrinkled up like Calypso's old Granny in Jamaica..

So yes Talkshoppoers call me Dotish or any names you want... But I like when I don't get invited to a wedding..

Mt Rich Possi

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#2 Jun 12, 2017 9:14 am

Real Distwalker

Re: I like when I am not invited to go to a wedding

I agree with you there.  I had to go to my wife's sister's second marriage in Minneapolis a couple years ago.  By the time I drove up there, spent two nights in a hotel, sprang for a gift, paid for meals and such that wedding cost me $1,500.


#3 Jun 12, 2017 10:44 am


Re: I like when I am not invited to go to a wedding

I went to ah Jamaican wedding once and ah Trini the other time and also I attended ah Asian wedding.

In the Jamaican wedding ah end up in McDonald after more than two hours of waiting for food.  The gift cost me $150.00.

The Trini Wedding was not too bad, after about ah hour waiting food was served and it was good.

Then ah attending ah Asian Wedding and this experience I will never ever forget.  It was held in very classy location and GOSH it was sweet.  In that wedding there were an eight course meal.  Before you finish eating one meal here comes another one.

That wedding was the talk of everyone who attended, especially the folks who never attended an Asian wedding.  Lord liquor and food was flowing like water.


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