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#11 Jun 29, 2017 12:10 pm


Re: Trump'sDecision ould Wipe Grenada Off the Map

New Historian wrote:

Slightly alarmist, Grenada's not about to get "wiped off the map" - global warming or no global warming. Have you been to Greenz lately? The sea level could rise 5 feet and 99% of the island wouldn't be affected. Now, flat islands like Barbados, Anguilla and Antigua - they'll feel it.

It aint just sea level is it.

It's climate. It's a fine balance. What is OK in todays "tropical" climate might not cope with extended dry periods, or even as could happen extended rainy seasons.

America has it's massive weather swings, which are purportedly more extreme (on average) than they used to be. It may well see staples like corn and Florida Oranges finding it less easy to cope.

So it could be with crops in Grenada. Already, if you don't supplement natural rain fall trees flag and find it hard to thrive.

It doesn't take much to find the tipping point.

I accept RD's insistence that maybe one Volcano could do more damage than 95 industrial countries output.... but why help disaster descend. Also that climate change is cyclical. But screwing nature simply because you can is dumb.


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