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#11 Aug 17, 2017 2:44 pm


Re: Champion

Calypso wrote:
Slice wrote:
Calypso wrote:

This division against Afro-Americans and West-Indians must stop! Gatlin won because of good sportsmanship and must be appreciated whether he is an American or not. Mr. Bolt has served his county and has made us proud for over a decade. He is not a so showoff. He is what he is. You can be at the top for only so long until someone takes over. Stop this division, Slice!!!

Ok I am not a revengeful guy, but ah just hate Show off people.  Ok what ah was saying ah doh really care who beat Bolt, ah just wanted someone to cut he ASS.

Yes, his ass was cut and he took it graciously!

His Ass was cut by someone who should not even be in competition after his repeat drug taking offences.  Shame.


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