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#1 Aug 28, 2017 6:11 pm


HARVEY - stalls over TEXAS - rain for the ages

Passing over the storm news the last couple of days , I was taken aback  by  TODAY"S  news  and   by the vast flood plain  Harvey sits over .
Houston has 6.6 million folk and is particularly vulnerable to flooding . Here is some stuff to chew on ..,

The rainfall over the last 72 hours has been astounding
Harris County has recorded 32 inches of rainfall
Galverson   .... ((Galverson , Oh Galverson - is that not a song ? )) has recorded 34 inches , just shy of 3 feet.

> that is a lot of rain ,  or 11 trillion gals of rain/water , so far.

I thought of a snow storm like that.  ,.... August still eh ?


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