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#11 Sep 25, 2017 5:28 am

Mary Seacole/deportees

Re: Living with What God Gave You: Ms. Roy's Large Birthmark on Face

gripe wrote:

It is sometimes not easy to accept our lot in life. But, it helps to remember that we mostly don't control anything. Ms. Roy, the subject of the birthmark on her face, in the linked story, is an example of acceptance especially when altering is too extreme. See here: … spartandhp

Curiously, however, the first photo of Ms. Roy shows the birthmark on her left cheek -- yet the caption refers to Ms. Roy having the birthmark on her right cheek -- and, indeed, all the other photos show the birthmark on Ms. Roy's right cheek.

(I happen to have a birthmark on my right hand.)

That woman should find some money to remove that Mark as soon as possible there are good Samaritans out there and angels at the plastic sursurgery clinic waiting to help her. She like to much notice and may miss certain opportunities.


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