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#11 Oct 21, 2017 1:41 am


Re: ... and Harvey Weinstein ...

Slice wrote:

Vanni, doh fool yourself, it will never ever stop.  Please I am not condoning any of it.  My only argument is some woman flirted with him.  They knew how powerful, he was and they wanted ah career.

I now believe that sex is so much better, if the woman hand it to you on a Gold platter.

Slice, if, let's say a thousand years ago, in the dark ages, you'd have told a daughter that her father, who just raped her, as was what considered as a father's right, that she'd have the right to take legal action and have her father jailed: she would maybe have spat in your face.

Yes times are changing. Slowly. Now it is urgent!

However, the changes remain relatively superficial. The changes in the process are about our fundamental mentality and approach. Now it's about our ultimate confrontation and totally intimate choice - the questioning of our use of power, questioning violence, realising and caring for the harm we can inflict or the good we can generate: we have to jump from one world to another.

We have, it seems to me, reached the utter limits of the "old world / old ways". Good for those of us who realise and who find the motivation and inner resources to do that vital jump.

Our humanity has only one way to go: upwards - toward Love and Spirit.

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#12 Oct 22, 2017 3:49 pm

Mary Seacole/deportees

Re: ... and Harvey Weinstein ...

Slice wrote:

Listen allyu ah wonder how many women career he made, by having sex with them wanted or unwanted.  Now ah also wonder how many women he really did not have any contact with, but are now claiming that he did.

People are just too damn hypocrite most times.

That FRIGGING Gloria Alred or what the hell her name is, she was his lawyer for years and knew what he did, but still worked for him.  Now she is crying BLOODY MURDER.  GEE me ah frigging break.

Could anyone believe that FOX news is also having ah Field day with that  Weinstein story?  GEEE me ah FRIGGING break.

You and those who says some of those women throw themselves at him sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to me you not sounding like you don't have plenty common sense  today slice lol Some of those women seduced him they are very  qualified in this department. Any  way who have time with  Harvey, Jimmy, Bill , Max and them other posh boys and their story not me mate .  I  say what I have to say already . In general in life  sometimes some people  with mindset like these think you have time for them and you don't food for thought .  Whether they are just the grassroots man or woman or whoever they are everyone have  a conscience.  The man is not sick  grown women wanted him . Seperate the lamb from the sheep.  God catch up with them not people. Gossipers are jumping for joy at other people story  if I still use to gossip I will still be in the dark about the entire! Harvey man business . How nice to step out of  darkness and move into the light. In the dark the learner think he/She is the teacher.  I can see the whole picture.  Slice how do you call the Grenada man  with over 30 children ? With different mamas


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