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#11 Oct 23, 2017 9:37 am


Re: Chinese Museum Pulls Photo Exhibit Comparing Black People to Animals

Slice wrote:
Expat wrote:
Calypso wrote:

The exhibition was very racial insensitive and was done deliberately. This is just one in many instances where the Chinese have geared some racially deprecating things  towards people of African descent. Governments must intervene  in a way that will cause those slant-eyed curs them serious repercussions. … -marriage/

Had the exhibition been been juxtaposing Africans with all the monkey/ape species in Africa then I would agree with you, but it was various sundry animals from Lion, Giraff, etc etc.

We had this same overstated PC about people being made to feel guilty for being fat. Now these lardy arses don't have to feel guilty they are morbidly obese. You of the overly righteous brigade need reigning in.

But she called them Slant eyes fools.  I would say she is no better than them, that is if the Chinese intent was to be racial.

The last few words are the crux of the matter. If you WANT to be hurt, you can find reasons. Agenda's rule.


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