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#1 Nov 19, 2017 11:59 am



On Sundays if you are not going to church listen to ... edition

CBC RADIO  :  The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright.

> This psychologist says giving children a smart phone before the age of 12-14 is like giving them a gram of cocaine.  They seem to be causing problems with your children development , from mental health to interact in the world.

> Michael's essay .... Helicopter parents and caregivers are going too far to protect our kids.
" This Elementary School Principal in Ontario has banned cartwheels in his playground. They are he argues , are much too dangerous for children'


ZIMBABWE'S COUP :  " Day 6. Was Grace Mugabe the trigger ?"  by Brent Banbury.
.... This week , the military seized power in Zimbabwe , moving to oust President Mugabe from power after 37 years.
But as the dust begins to settle , some political observers say it's Grace Mugabe - not her husband - who is at the heart of the crisis.

Grace looks good. lol.   ....  Robert ? lol

easy listening to CBC radio on line .  ENRIGHT is good.


#2 Nov 20, 2017 11:43 pm


Re: GIVING KIDS a SMARTPHONE = ADDICTION ........ Sunday Edition... CBC

Smart phoned and tablets both.

Mainly because the prime use is to play damn stupid games to keep a fish tank stocked with plants. Bloody ridiculous.

I have a Wife who was given a tablet by one of her daughters who now can't leave the bloody thing alone, If it isn't one or other game its youtube watching cakes being decorated.... Lord help us.

Then worse still my was 8 now 9 year old Granny is a games expert... What is going on in the parents mind I don't know.... Oh yes I do...they are playing the same bloody stupid games.

What will they say at the end of their days.... Oh yes, I had a great life sliding coloured balls along a line to get a bomb.  Pulese.

Sure I waste time on here, but whilst it is of no real consequence, I do manage to irritate the hell out of a lot of people.... smile

And yes previously I have flown Cesnas and 747's across the Atlantic, but at least it bore some resemblance to real life activities, and I did get bored fairly quickly. Not these ball sliders, they get points for all they are worth. Yes it is like a drug.


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