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#1 Dec 05, 2017 8:53 am


Why To Enjoy Xmas .... ( Alone ) ....... a good message for all

Enjoy your favorite holiday treats on your own . You don't have to  skip on your favorite holidays  meal and treats  just because you are spending the day alone .

A few days before Xmas , go shopping and get yourself  ingredients , to make some of your holiday favorites.

Like sorrel ,cake ( you can buy the black one from a shop ) , wine , alcohol  , ham , can't forget that , slightly smoked  and a string of cheap Xmas lights.

You are now good to go.

Enjoy the Pre-Xmas  feelings .... peace, goodwill  , see the joy , feel the pleasure   ,  ....  smile !!!!

Now to put you on top of the world , ....  'Go To Church' ..... Xmas morn or the midnight mass.

Wish the best to all  , while giving something to someone or something .

   =  A  boss of a Xmas time.



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