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#11 Jan 06, 2017 6:18 pm


Re: OK, so answer me this

Real Distwalker wrote:

The unconscious don't feel pain either.  That is no justification for killing them,

"I also understand the likes of RD fuming at the mouth at casual abortions."

"My own belief is that girls and boys of ALL racial groups should be made aware of the results of unprotected jiggy jig, and in my view then made to live up to the responsibility of 20 seconds of lust."

The post was not so much about abortions, but rather the way the establishment seemed to use it as a form of race reduction.


#12 Jan 07, 2017 12:01 am


Re: OK, so answer me this

If we truly care for the life of a fetus, if we are sincere, doesn't it question any form of killing, including animals for their meat?

In their case, too, we may claim that there is little to no physical pain during the slaughtering process. But do we only know how much we affect the soul of the animal? Do we only care?

For me, caring for life is not just about humans, but about all sentient life. And the path of the least harm possible is one I find fulfilling.


#13 Jan 07, 2017 1:24 pm

New Historian

Re: OK, so answer me this

20 seconds of lust? A bit "premature" lol!

Jokes aside I'm 100% against abortions at any time; but I'm equally against denying a woman's right to choose - within medical bounds that we've talked about. As a callow 20-something year old when faced with a "surprise" pregnancy, left to me my oldest child, my sweet lovely apple of eye, would never have made it through. As I tell all my children: today's "disaster" is tomorrow's apple of eye!


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