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#1 Jan 02, 2018 7:57 am


Happy New Year to my Talkshop Family


To my Talkshop Family:
As a family, we are not all on the same wavelength.
As a family, we can sometimes seriously disagree.
As a family, there's the odd one, there's even the reject, and there's Mommy's and Daddy's favourite smile
As a family, we see each other growing.
As a family, we care for each other regardless.
As a family, I dare to think that if someone were in difficulty, we would no more care of who is where in our scale of preference, but we'd be reaching out heart, soul, and if we can, materially.

My love and gratitude for you without exception.
My appreciation of you, whether we are on the same wavelength or not.
And my fondest wish for you to be relieved from the heaviness of this Life.
To find love within your Family, Friends, and to find love within your own Heart and Spirit.
My fondest wish for you to find fulfillment, happiness, health, and anything else you may be wishing for. Not just for 2018, but forever more smile

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#2 Jan 02, 2018 6:16 pm


Re: Happy New Year to my Talkshop Family

Thanks Vanni.


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