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Welcome to the one and only Spiceislander Talkshop.

#1 Jan 11, 2017 7:53 pm

New Historian

Times are getting interestinger, and interestinger...

If you wrote the script of the past 12 months in a movie 5 years ago, people would say hilarious, but it could never happen. And, 5 short years later: HERE WE ARE - IN MOVIEVILLE! So now the Russians got sordid stuff on the Donald - why can I so believe he's a pervert? The same man who says the one thing he has in common with his daughter "is sex"? Oh puhleeze Buzzfeed, show us the rest! … tions.html


#2 Jan 12, 2017 11:41 pm

Mister Mann

Re: Times are getting interestinger, and interestinger...

Yep...fassen de seet bell T!......strupsin strupsin for weaks aftaa heelection but now..just bye de ticket grabbin de popcarn  ana seet...cyan tell wedder movey go be a our...a munt or fortty hate munts...but a tink ah liken it...


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