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#1 Jan 18, 2017 9:04 am



Leh me tell you why, I can live ah nice clean life in Grenada.  The amount of fresh fruits is mind blowing. I hate their farming practices, they rely on too much chemicals.  I would watch everything thing I purchase.

Leh me give you an example, growing up Grenada, sweet potatoes was very tasty and sweet.  I bought some Sweet potatoes and GOSH! ah was so damn disappointed, the damn thing taste like mud.  They have introduce ah kind of Sweet Potatoes only for yield and not taste.

There is not one place that sells Organic produce in Grenada, that is very disappointed.  Considering the demand for Organic meats and produce, someone need to teach the government and also Grenadians the importance of Organic farming and also Meats.  The land is just too fertile to be using all that chemicals.

Here is the main reason, I can return back home.  I had a plumbing problem, despite waiting for almost four hours for the plumber to arrive, he work for about one hour and the charge was $30.00.  Almost the same thing happen waiting for electrician and the price was the same.  In America if you call an electrician, even before he arrives, the price is $250.00 and the same for ah plumber.

Grenadians, please doh complain, allyu have ah real sweet life.  Yep Expat, that include you.

Here is another interesting issue and one we all should be very happy about,  It doh matter what time of the day or night it is, if you see someone walking and you stop, man or woman, they would jump in your car and take ah ride.  For safety ah only gave women rides.  No man, ah still was thinking like ah American.


#2 Jan 21, 2017 6:38 pm



You may feel the soil is never going to give up, but boy, whether it is agri chemical, or bird sheite the crop does increase in yield when fertilizer is applied. So lets not take the production process for granted.  Personally although I use Bird crap 99.99% of the time I have no issue with a chemically derived fertilizer, as it is purpose ready, and balanced to suite the stage of production, or crop you are planting. The soil is a good medium, but it HAS to be replenished by one method or the other, and at the end of the day, it is not rocket science, it is a simple evaluation of crops needs, and the chemicals are not from another planet. Correction, the whole Planet Earth is probably a re-run of several other planets from the melting pot of the Cosmos, so as the chemicals are sourced on Earth, they may well be from another planet.... wink

As for picking up. While I can sympathise with many folk who could well do with saving on a bus fare, UNLESS i KNOW THEM... LIKE WHEN i PICJKED UP SHOP STAFF TODAY, i AINT PICKIN UP NOBODY... bLACK wHITE gREEN OR pURPLE. (caps)  You do not know if a man is going to strong arm you, or a woman is going to call rape. They knew they had to make the journey before you started off.

By now you must surely have figured almost anyone from the top to the bottom will try to live light and weigh heavy. It's your upholstery, your gas, and your shocks. If you want to run them into the ground for a thank you, then that's your choice.

You are pleased about the $30 and in truth if there was no call out charge you did good..... but $30 is almost a labourers day rate..... for one hour. I hear there is normally around a $90 call out fee. So according to Wifey , you were damn lucky.

As a first and last time favour I helped a friend out pulled some Security work at Christmas.... $10.00 an hour.... and that was the "Christmas rate" normally it is lower.... I would have to be REALLY desperate to do that for real.  While I whiled away the hours, I figured out that 10 years ago I would have earned that days pay in much less than an hour. So who knows, maybe if I was still working now that might have been 10 minutes work in foreign..... for a whole days pay in Grenada.... that's too unjust.

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