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#1 Mar 24, 2018 8:25 am


' BLASPHEMOUS ' Canadian ice cream ....... 'Sweet Jesus'

A petition asking a Canadian Ice cream chain to change its 'blasphemous' name has nearly 30,000 signatures.
The Toronto chain " Sweet Jesus " , which opened in 2015 announced plans to expand south into the US in October.
' The company's name and logo are seriously offensive  '  the petition for a Christian site 'Return to Order' says  : " We cannot remain silent while our lord is being blasphemed ".
ANOTHER petition by a Canadian  site  'CitizenGO has almost 8,000 signatures.  It calls the company branding ' totally offensive and revolting' it goes on to say , " even if this was some innocent faux-pas, it would still be unacceptable , however this is anything by a mere mistake"
Both in their promotional materials and menu selections , it is plain the owners 'Richmond and Todai  have every intention of mocking Christ and Christianity.  If anything could quality as ' hate speech ' this is it !

Our 'non-believers ' would say . " what's the big deal  "


#2 Mar 24, 2018 9:38 am


Re: ' BLASPHEMOUS ' Canadian ice cream ....... 'Sweet Jesus'

Would they, would they really?

But lets get this balanced.

There are probably several hundred thousand Latino's called Jesus, but  that's ok right. Just like there are millions called Mohamed, and that's ok right.

Your cut and paste is not verbose enough to establish what the true intent of the company was, there is only yet another opinion, which is hardly evidence.

I am guessing here, but I imagine the name echo's the exclamation SOME ..... usually Christian people make when something is especially good.

I would not make a fuss about it it is true, but I would think to myself that it was not the best brand name they could have thought of, and that it was a bit unnecessary. Not sure I would call it Blasphemy. That is just Christians being as precious about their religion as the Muslims are. I thought the Christians on the whole were more mature as a religious body.


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