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#1 Apr 07, 2018 8:23 am


The Old Ladies

Yesterday morning I went to a funeral, service of thanksgiving for an old lady. Born in Aruba , through UK  , T and T  and then to  the island after her husband retired  25 years ago . I am told.
No children , not many of her family around , one or two persons from the UK and church members.
I was asked to help  , be  bell a pall-bearer , out of the church. The last time I did that was for my mum, coming up four years.
.. Why I write this , there was a moment in the service , when another old lady ,(  her friend ) started to cry while singing a solo-tribute to her friend, she was quickly joined by Women's league member and we had a duet.
Now somehow I don't see many old  folks crying.
The church was touched.                                          RIP Rosinis  elizaberh ....


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