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#1 Apr 14, 2018 1:08 pm


Life in London

Well 5 days in and one of the first thing to get me was a bug which had both ends firing off in succession with a headache and pain up and down my spine,  Great.

Hounslow... well what to say... maybe... ok, it is.... a shithole. More beggars per square inch than wall street, very few of them indigenous, some whacky yellow costume creature shaking around to Asian music, a few yards down some probably Baltic guy scraping around on a violin to a sound track, and charity collectors who will end up sucking most of the contributions as wages. The place is full of 99p shops, and it is so run down and seedy.

For those that want to be clever and say.... oh thats what you get for being an imperialist nation, where I am staying with (Grenadian) friends a couple of chaps turned up to buy a vehicle, while I was passing through the kitchen conversation went to children. One said I have five, and we all went wow, then the next one chimes in with I have seven, what is life without children... These guys were from Eastern Europe, I forget where. Just imagine what a few will do to the basic services of the country. For a long time the British average was 1-1.5 kids per family. According to another Black family the English child in my area will be the minority in school, which will inevitable lead to at the very least non english food, as all the kitchen workers will be non english, and I guess the kids will have to become bi-lingual just to know what their peers are saying.

Some years ago I recall wandering past a nursery school locally where all the writing on the signs was in urdu or something Indian, which made the place exclusive and segregated, and this is on the outskirts of the main Asian area. You need a pocket translator if you dare to go to Southall.


#2 Apr 14, 2018 9:53 pm

New Historian

Re: Life in London

The influx of Poles, Eastern Europeans and "Serbo-Croats" into England's cities has been truly staggering. All of the ow-wage jobs that Brits won't do, they do. They underbid contracts and live ten to a flat. The big differences between this wave of immigration and ours of half a century ago, are language, religion and culture. And they don't assimilate.


#3 Apr 15, 2018 7:16 pm


Re: Life in London

I would not be Expat if I could not find something to disagree with smile

There is always this story about how "they will do all the low paid jobs" we don't want to do. It is said in America, Britain and other more prosperous countries where economic migrants can afford to live as you say 10 to a room, and hot bed, living on plumb brandy and what ever comes out of the immigrants local delicatessen.

There is some scope to admit local workers may have made their demise easier by being arrogant, lazy and sometimes over priced. But mostly they will be regular people trying to do a days work for a fair and reasonable rate. They cannot compete at any level with these coocoo's who climb into the nest, undercut, and do the work just as well if sometimes not even better.

The locAL WORKER HAS ROOTS, A FAMILY LOCAL BILLS TO PAY( caps) the migrant worker for the most part has MUCH lower expenses back home where he sends the money. It is an unfair competition. At one point the Poles who have been in England since WW2 were like flies on a dead piece of meat. Then their economy picked up and they realised they could make more back home, and many who had not put down roots buggered off.

But always there are stragglers, a man I know of Grenadian heritage born in the UK has a Polish wife.

Another difference is that what seemed like an overwhelming number of West Indian Immigrants all those years ago is now a drop in the ocean compared to the volume coming through the gates now.

There is no doubt Britain as a Nation needs Immigrants, young Immigrants, to fill voids, and potentially pay taxes to help prop up the system for the old and decrepit like me. But apart from a few to pick fruit... maybe.... what is really needed is high skill set people to fill the jobs the Governments of the past were too stupid to encourage and train our people to do.

England has been poorly managed, and it's health service, and social welfare departments are crumbling, and it need not be.

Where I used to live there was an old peoples home which housed around 100 inmates. I used to get irritated as I saw the population rapidly becoming Asian, which was going to mean English old folk in the area were likely to end their days being strangers in their own land... I need not have worried. They have pulled the place down to build a junior school, so the placing of old people will become even harder. Also I hear homes are not taking mentally affected old people when the aged are living longer and dying from Altzhiemers instead of before they got it which is what happened in the past.

There is going to be a lot of suffering in the shole the call Britain.


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