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#11 Jan 22, 2017 8:17 am


Re: I have some good news and some bad news...

Politics is worse than a hornets' nest. We can not even imagine what's happening inside. It takes a lot of courage sometimes combined with naivete to enter the dragon's den. Naivete then vanishes facing the situation, and courage is all that is left.

I watched Mr Obama leave with a very, very heavy heart. In some communities he is being considered a great human spiritually - greater than the appearances - who only did his best. And what appears to us as foolish choices may reveal themselves as wise, in a context hellish beyond our wildest dreams.

My perception of Mr Obama, regardless of some of the choices he made, is one of a radiant, noble and great human. Every time I see him, I am feeling uplifted.

I do not think that we know the full truth about him, nor in whatever area anyway, given the active disinformation and lies going on for now - until the mainstream media won't be working at the service of the elite. Some say that our whole history will be rewritten, once we are no more under the control of those who take us for granted.

I remain very sad to not have seen who I think was the real Obama. I hope that in the future he will have such an opportunity to show himself for who he really is.

Now, for President Trump, we have options for our attitude:

either we fall for despise or hate - or, while we remain aware and lucid, we choose to respond from our higher nature.

What if the day of inauguration of President Trump, all would have been in whether meditation or prayer, and sent him our best vibes? If we do this toward a child in order to awaken in him the better, could we consider doing this toward another human being for the same purpose? Frequencies resonate with each other and nurture the similar ones. Low level frequencies will nurture frequencies of the same quality. High frequencies will nurture frequencies of the same quality. Our choice. Our responsibility.

What if we'd be getting even the best person in a position of responsibility, but we remain passive, do not actively nurture the positive vibes and expect everything from outside? Now who would we be getting if we are proactive and take care of raising our vibes first and foremost? Are the present circumstances our opportunity to choose and take a definitive orientation toward the sacred, toward the divine, toward the loving, toward the positive, toward the beautiful, toward the noble ... ?

Also, what do we know of Life? Could it be that there is a bit more wisdom than we may fear in Mr Trump being president? For the time it takes for his specific contribution? It may take ways which we cannot understand, which appear to us as "wrong", and which, in fact, are opening doors for the "right".

Do we feel that Life is greater than just our human likes and dislikes, and that there is a greater plan - a greater wisdom and Guidance - even if we do not like or understand what we perceive?

My dear Friends, we have a remarkable - actually divine power: we can nurture the worse or the better in anything and anyone. We can mess things up as well as we can make miracles possible, according to whether we are passive and reactive, lingering in our lower nature, which supports it in the events and people involved, or, regardless of the circumstances, we make the conscious choice to step up to our higher nature, without expectation nor idea of power upon another, yet, by this humble act, call it forth in everything and everyone involved.

Maybe Life - God - the Universe - is wiser than appears to us. Maybe now are we being given once more the opportunity to choose once and for all from where we live. Because some communities consider that we are in a time of decisive choices, which corresponds to some prophecies. And, whether Life makes it easy or challenging, my determination is toward uplifting myself to my higher nature.


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#12 Jan 22, 2017 8:29 am


Re: I have some good news and some bad news...

Let the new president be.  The Americans have spoken.  Like it or not he is the president.  Doh know how long he will be president, but we should all sit back and let him mess up.


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