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#1 Jul 08, 2018 2:30 pm


ESCAPE in the World Cup

Russia 2018 World Soccer Cup  has shaped up to be a magnificent 'moment' for a chaotic  World .
It could not have showed up at a better time !

* We are better than everyone else.
Isis at constant war.
So is the Taliban.
England and Brexit.
Seacole Mary nearly deported
The W.I. just won a Test  cricket match. *

So we have France , perking along ( perky, ..sad.. lol)
Russia playing like farmers , but hanged in deh.
Gripe having a ball   ... with  his colleagues.
Brazil , Argentina , all of dem Spanish people ,  gone.
Not Belgium  , land of windmills

Then we come to ' Mansuh' '  "mother country"  England.
England playing some foot ball it seems.
England in the Semi Finals - - The Brits , don't know what to do
*Jump for joy or keep their fingers crossed *.
A  JCB  speaks of British  bull dogs.
In the bar.
De mother country .  Mansuh give it up.



#2 Jul 08, 2018 4:17 pm


Re: ESCAPE in the World Cup

Dancer, I am almost there: I'd told friends weeks ago that the finals would be Brazil (4) v. England (1).

Now, with Brazil, in my view unexpectedly out largely because of an "own goal" and at least 4 missed sitters, I am firmly with England.

New prediction: France (1) v. England (2)!


#3 Jul 08, 2018 5:51 pm

New Historian

Re: ESCAPE in the World Cup

My peeps in London going mad, they've got the World Cup fever - yet again lol.


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