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Date: February 05, 2012 at 19:10:47
From: Stryker
Subject: Re: A white southerner tells it like it is


RD, the man is relating what he lived...what he saw....what transpired among his own family. I have no doubt there are those who abuse the leverage, but as he has pointed out, the very core of what brought about that situation still exists, and is not as rare as you will try to make it seem.
As he has pointed out, even when Obama's policies are chariots of benefit for some of those very people, they still decry them because he is black and for no other reason.
Now we know the are whites who have embraced change...they voted Obama in......but in the same breath there are those who cannot even fathom that he should be there. Consider the frivolous birth paper issue and whether or not he is a legitimate citizen that has been upheld and propageted by certain folks in certain sectors. To deny that race alone is the reasoning behind is tantamount to being assine. Not everyone who challenges him does so on a basis of race RD, but it is the only reason for a lot who does.

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