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Date: February 05, 2012 at 19:31:31
From: jk
Subject: Re: Fire Started With Children Inside


Whappen sorry to read your message to me so late. Ah watching Super Bowl.Whappen whatever you happen to be. Here is my dumb response.
I never said don't help.I might be the first person on the scene iof I could help it.
I remember years ago when there was a small fire in the nutmeg pool by the bay in Granville, I pulled hose for so with them two firemen and police.
Tell you what that night not much of the hoses were in good condition they all seemed to leak. To crown matters the water pressure in the hydrants around La Baye was low so water came from the sea.
It was near Christmas and if that fire got going half of la Baye would have been burnt down. The building was full of nutmeg. Fortunately naturalized Grenadian the fire was brought under control very quickly. Was there an investigation, not sure? That is the type of thing our friend Fat Man might be referring to.
I was there; I helped and have helped in other life saving instances previously and since. But when you learn of the dangers that people like Fat man talk about, it is good to listen.
For instance in my work we are all trained to use the different types of extinguishers and we have fire alarms from time to time. Just to say I am a fire warden; though that is not my day job. Our instructions are always to clear the buildings, secure your area shut the doors, not lock them and get to the fire assembly point not running but orderly. Never go back, never re- enter the building until you get clearance. A register is always taken of all people in the building of staff, as well as any visitors etc. That is one good reason why people clock in and clock out. You just donít walkout to go down the road to buy lunch Fatman will know what I am talking about.
Can you administer CPR? What do you do if someone is out cold? Just two straight forward ones for you Whappen, if you can good for you if you can't get trained. I think the Red Cross and St John's Ambulance train people.

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