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Date: February 08, 2012 at 15:34:14
From: Townman
Subject: Re: Soca Warriors seize TTFF assets


So because you did not call a name you will say your statement is not Libel. Lets see who like to wallow in Kakapul.

You tried already and although you did not buy the man's explanation of his inheritance you insisting he thief. Bobby with all those hook eyes rightfully looking on now, those in power will have to be more than crazy to try that sheet.

There is a young adult in Grenada who has a very large Bank account in A Swiss Bank.That young man has never worked or won a lottery or even gotten an inheritance that you may have heard off. Have you ever asked to source where that money came from or who is the person that put it on his name, and why not use a bank in Grenada?

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