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Date: February 19, 2012 at 14:00:54
From: Joan
Subject: Re: "DEAL OR NO DEAL"


can you plant something in the future or continue studying to become self employed later? because even the little jobs you get these days in not safe with so much businessess closing down and people ordering things on the net, so may peopple will be made redundant especially part time workers.
The O levels and a levels you have also now needs some skills to go with it, because things will change even cut backs will come for teachers only the most educated ones will survive and the new schooled ones if you know what I mean. Gone are the days when you family or friend can help you to get a teaching job.

I am sorry to hear of your troubles, I am not being funny but see what you can learn to make you more self sufficient in the future
May God blessings, love and Peace of mind be with you, you seemed troubled, see what you can grow to eat if it is so bad, just a little advice.

I hope you are situated in a place where you can plant a little peas, corn, potatoes plantain, and pumpkins or whats about rearing some chickens you can sell the eggs.
Please let me know how you,re are getting on

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