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Date: February 20, 2012 at 00:05:19
From: Ice-Man
Subject: Re: New Cricket Stadium = No International Cricket For Grenada


""""""""""The people who haven't run away to make a buck in foreign and only want to maintain the glass and steel structures they live with every day in their heads and will feel everything is great.""""""""""

Run away!? My wife is an American met her in Grenada while working a government job. I have homes in both countries along with land and loads in the bank (earned abroad and from local land sales) which provide loans to locals. I did my time in public office. My kids are in school I need to be where they're at... With that said, I am qualify to speak for my people because I see clear. My agenda is for Grenada to earn lots of tourist dollars which will generate some movement in Grenada. Anything short of that, we have to be pulling gold, diamond or oil from the ground or the struggle continues. No one will take Grenada seriously until Grenada step up its game.

I do understand you foreign locals want Grenada to remain your paradise, you probably never feel the force of hungry black people... It have a way of surfacing (raising its dirty head) every few years. History shows it gets worst every time...

I don't see glass I see lots of concrete.

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