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Date: February 20, 2012 at 10:12:24
From: jk
Subject: Re: New Cricket Stadium = No International Cricket For Grenada


The problem is cricket which it boils down to and is not Grenada's. Cricket is losing its mojo. WI cricket is probably and I'm taking a chance here,at its lowest. The crowds at WI grounds are quite small. Which Caribbean grounds are near capacity these days? There in lies the problem.
Not even in cricket mad India are people turning out to see test cricket.It is the T/20 that rules the roost now. and for 6 weeks!!! Even in the last tourney crowds were low in many games and I could say to you that I saw most via Sky.
When that stadium was being built they did the wrong guess-timates. Or was it China said we giving you something take it in you pweffen like me mother and shut. As far as I am concerned unless we put that monstrosity to some other use all we'll have is a derelict super structure.
Just a minor deviation. The Olympic Stadium for the 2012 games would be pulled down by Tottenham Hotspurs had they won the bid and something fit for purpose put in its place.

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