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Date: February 21, 2012 at 03:18:18
From: echo
Subject: Re: New Cricket Stadium = No International Cricket For Grenada


According to "Old School Tie"
"Our Cricket ground property and that coupled with administration has contributed to our inability to bid for and host interntational cricket matches."
If I can reflect, with the change of the cricket administration/goverment all went dead.
The fact of the matter they were replaced with a group of "two left footers" as we use to say, in other words most of the administrators never played anything else but book sport and could not care less about REAL SPORTING development other than living well, and eating well.
Being two left footers, it hinders real meaningful sports especially the real promotion and bargaining for especially international cricket.
Therefore we need to get right and left footers to restore development of again especially cricket sponsorshop.
We want to eat well, sport well, and live well too. (Do you you know that one time in the history of Grenada, Grenada "PC Girls" held the top netball position in the entire Caribbean.
Neglect is so visible that just recently a former top athlete who held sporting records and ably represented the country died and very little was heard or done about giving him some recognition.
As a matter of fact, to many the Stadium is for Concerts, Funerals, and now possible the Library.
Ms Darbeau go role in she grave when she see where we at and where we going.
Good job Mr. Speaker for "Pabbi's".
Eslee Carberry

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