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Date: February 21, 2012 at 04:56:44
From: jk
Subject: Re: New Cricket Stadium = No International Cricket For Grenada


(Do you you know that one time in the history of Grenada, Grenada "PC Girls" held the top netball position in the entire Caribbean.
And whose fault is that we are not at the pinnacle anymore. Do you know that one of our best is playing professionally in the UK? She would open doors for others as Junior did and as Alleyne Francique did too.
Do not blame any one group for having concerts in the Queens Park. If you on that premise then there should be no school there too etc. What was the land given for again?

However my main issue is about cricket. I would unlike you suggest that as far as Cricket is concerned the Windward Islands come together to bid for and decide where matches are played in the islands. My reasoning based on planning, is that we know well in advance what the schedule of matches are and when there are tours to the region (unless somebody pulls out); there is a World body you know The ICC that does all of that. There in lies our problem a lack of planning and continuity; a disunited region; to each his own. Are we making progress as a sub region or as region?
Echo as a grown, literate and experienced man what you should be preaching from the top of the Mount is greater Caribbean integration. As it appears you are speaking to the same divide and rule syndrome. Forget Bishop and his older boys for now there is no way back for them as a force. We have sailed beyond that port.

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