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Date: February 21, 2012 at 05:14:03
Subject: Re: New Cricket Stadium = No International Cricket For Grenada


Its amazing how a simple question about the lack of International cricket at the National Stadium can turn into a discussion about all other issues apart from why no cricket. Dr Keith was and is a cricket lover so therefore lobbied hard to get cricket at the stadium. The current Government may not see it as a priority. The world cup debacle should not be blamed on the Carribean Governments, but on the WICB and the ICC and believe it America. A atmosphere of imminent terrorist attacks panicked organisers into introducing draconian security measures which ruined the spectacle as a Carribean cricket atmosphere. This coupled with the ticket pricing structure was the main reason. That was history lets lok at the here and now. If the WICB fails to allocate international matches on a rotating basis and ommits icertain islands without a logical explanation, then our cricket stadium should be put to other uses. Local day and night cricket. Concerts in certain areas of the ground. Lets not just leave the stadium to become a white elephant. Offer the stadium to touring teams from the UK for their winter practice sessions, but do something with it.

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