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Date: October 24, 2012 at 11:03:58
From: Spice Brango
Subject: Poor Judgement for Child Protection in Grenada


The role of politics in judicial decision making is alive and well in Grenada Still. But what exactly do we mean when we say (or deny) that "politics" shapes judicial behavior in Grenada? Unsurprisingly, there is no clear answer. Those who study courts on the Island seem to use the term to describe a wide range of phenomena. Some meanings address law's indeterminacy, while others concern magistrates/judges' short-term policy preferences. Some involve electoral politics, while others concern constitutional ideology. Some are historical and interpretive, addressing the long-term patterns of Grenada’s constitutional development, while others involve the responsiveness of courts to more immediate, external political pressures.
My interest was peak recently when I saw a clip on one of our local TV Channels that was explicitly prejudicial. The case involves some allegation of misconduct by one of Grenada’s most outspoken critic of the current administration, Allan Campbell. The clip showed that Mr Anderson Simon, head of the Child Protection Agency was very prejudicial in his remarks and showed contempt for the judiciary.
First, what we know empirically about Mr Simon is that he is not qualified to represent kids anywhere in the world. Upon investigation here in the UK, I found out just who Mr Simon is. Anderson “Kallan” Simon AKA Mortaman, returned to Grenada from Trinidad sometime in the late eighties and worked for St. Andrew’s Development Organization. He later migrated to the UK and lived with his first spouse where he was arrested for spousal abuse in London. His behavior did not change when he got married the second time around and continued his abuse on his second wife that also led to separation. When Mr Simon returned to Grenada he landed a job with the house repair program, there he implemented a quid-pro-quo system whereby females had to sleep with him to receive the benefits of that program. Now is this the kind of person we have heading our Child Protection Agency?
Here in the UK Mr Simon could not have gotten away this crap and hence his return to Grenada where political influence varies considerably.

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