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Date: January 12, 2013 at 08:29:50
From: Dancer
Subject: Lord Kitchener ... Take your meat out me rice.... Lord !!


I dropped in at this JA friend and he playing some calypso . (yes, that is what I said, calypso) Not even any weed smell in de place , but he listening to Classic Lord Kitchener.
" Here is some of one that had me laughing "

A bajan and a Trinidadian dying with starvation
The bajan said "look Trini, let we make a cook
I put the rice , you going to put the meat
Then we both have something to eat"
But when the pot was nearly done
The Bajan decided to pull a fast one.

He said " Trini , I'm a born Barbadian , I don't like to fight.
but when it comes to the occasion , man, I fight for me rights
You put in a twelve cent meat bone , you worst than a lice
I going to give you a word of advice, "take yuh meat out me rice.

.... the rest of the calypso is boss and the horn...nice.

Get it on u-tube MRP.

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